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Introducing the Team

Alice Evans


Alice has the sight condition Retinitis pigmentosa (RP). As a passionate campaigner for equality and access, Alice has decided to use her self-proclaimed ability to talk the hind legs off a donkey to start a conversation about how disability and difference are framed and perpetuated in society.

Lucy Wood


Lucy has Cerebral Palsy, is a disability & inclusion advocate, self-proclaimed “Four Wheeled Wonder Woman”. Lucy brings a wealth of experience and passion to the podcast and hopes that lABLEd will show non-disabled people how hardworking, passionate, funny and capable people can be in spite of society’s perceptions.

Daisy Holder

Disability Historian

History researcher and medical mystery, Daisy is lABLEd’s resident historian, helping Alice and Lucy deceiver facts from fiction during history swap episodes and teaching us about some of the most famous disabled people from history,  as well as the interesting ones you’ve never heard of!

Adam Hull


Adam is the editor of lABLEd, helping to make Alice and Lucy sound as coherent as possible!

Sarah Matthews


We are a fully inclusive podcast and Sarah provides the transcripts for all our episodes, Sarah lives in London with her husband and children and also volunteers for listening books in her spare time

Ami Ireland Hook

Social Media Coordinator

Ami was such a fan of the show, she volunteered to help behind the scenes! Ami takes care of our social channels and engages with our audience, helping our listeners to grow

Listen to the Show

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22. Mik Scarlet lABLEd Podcast

With insights from a different guest in every episode,  lABLEd Podcast uncovers the vast spectrum of life with health conditions and impairments. Host Alice Evans and Lucy Wood and their guest discuss how it shapes personal identities and opens up about the prejudices that disabled and chronically ill people face daily. This show regularly covers very personal and sometimes controversial topics, so listeners may hear the language, including profanity or terminology that they find offensive. Please be aware of this as you listen to this episode. For complete Episode Guides and transcripts to this and every episode, visit http://www.labledpodcast.co.uk; if you want more exclusive content, sign up for our newsletter. About This Episode Lucy and Alice are joined by broadcaster, journalist, presenter, actor, musician, commentator Mik Scarlet who talks about his life and career in the media and his passion for the arts and working with disabled creatives Connect with our Guest https://twitter.com/MikScarlet https://www.facebook.com/mikscarlet https://www.instagram.com/mikscarlet/ Support this Podcast Like LABLEd Podcast on Facebook Tweet lABLEd Podcast Follow LABLEd Podcast on Instagram Got a comment or Question? Please email us! lABLEd Podcast is currently self-funded. Please consider donating to our Go Fund Me Production Team Hosts: Alice Evans, Daisy Holder and Lucy Wood Editor: Adam Hull Music: Maisy Crunden Transcriptionist: Sarah Mathews Social Media Coordinator: Ami Ireland
  1. 22. Mik Scarlet
  2. 21: Armistace Day Special with Simon Weston CBE
  3. Black History Month – History Lesson 5 Sundiata Keita
  4. 20. What is Ableism? with Gem Turner
  5. History Lesson 4: Lady Violet Aspley CBE

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About the Show

lABLEd the Podcast. A show about disability, chronic illness, and health

Alice Evans and Lucy Wood are two disabled thirty-somethings who stumbled across each other on the internet in 2020, and discovered we had a very similar approach to life and had a similar outlook on disability; combined with a shared ability to talk the hind leg off a donkey, they thought this would be the perfect foundation for a podcast.

Drawing on their own lived experiences of disability we created the lABLEd Podcast which puts the focus back on the individuals and the voices and stories of disabled people, rather than societal expectations. 

They wanted to see narratives about disability told by disabled people and were tired of seeing medicalised and inspirational stories or disabled people used as tokens to represent an entire, and very diverse, community.

lABLEd Podcasts exists to promote a different kind of disability advocacy, a platform where disabled people could tell their own stories and we could explore the vast scope of the disabled experience.

A lot of people are unaware of the incredible contributions made by disabled people in the past and with our shared love of history, we couldn’t help but shoehorn this into the show somehow. From this, our History Lesson episodes, with our resident disability historian Daisy Holder, were born. Now we have somebody who knows what they’re talking about around to correct us when we’re wrong!

Giving voice to disabled people is the cornerstone of what we do at the lABLEd podcast

We’ve found that giving a platform to disabled voices has also helped us become better advocates for other disabled people; we are learning so much and gained insights into lives and experiences that we would never have otherwise dreamed of.

One of the things that drew us was our Alice and Lucy together was a shared background in media studies; both have seen the way that the media represents disabled people and the powerful impact these representations have on the social expectations and prejudices about disability. We want to put the power of identification back in the hands of the people who live those represented lives.

The rule for anyone who comes on lABLEd is that you decide how you want to be labelled; whether you embrace medical terminology, reclaim a previously offensive eponym, or shake off the shackles of labelling altogether; no one else should make that decision for you.

Our ultimate goal is to become Queens of (both the disabled and non-disabled) world, and you can support our regime by contributing to our crowd funder! If you can’t donate, don’t worry we know money can’t buy you happiness, but rating, reviewing, and subscribing to the podcast might!

We have big plans for future episodes (mostly about things that allow us to indulge in what we find most interesting), including more deep dives into disability history and the big topics of current conversation – and we’re still really interested in the representation of disability across all different mediums,

We want the show to appeal to members of both the disabled and non-disabled community and are always open to hearing from our listeners; so if you have any suggestions or there’s something you really want to hear, you can join our Facebook group and follow us on all the usual social media places!

For more information please view our FAQs or email us.

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