fABLEd Episodes & History lessons

fABLEd Episodes

Everybody has a favourite TV show, book, or film. As disabled advocates, we want to discuss the depiction and representation of disabled characters in fiction to highlight where some of society’s most entrenched misconceptions and ideas about Disability come from.

Like the History Lessons, each fABLEd episode is dedicated to talking about specific characters, books and stories that include themes related to Disability, chronic illness, and health differences.

As disabled advocates, Alice and Lucy know that approaching conversations about Disability can be scary and off-putting for some; fears about offending people, using appropriate language, or simply not knowing what to say, can leave disabled people feeling excluded and non-disabled people believing everything they read.

We’ve all loved a film the critics have panned, and the disabled community are used to getting two stars.

Using popular fiction to begin discussions about disabled representation offers an ideal way to get conversations going.

History Lessons – With Daisy Holder

Coming Soon

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