A podcast, available on all podcasting platforms from 2021 will focus on life with a disability, chronic illness, health and wellbeing. 

Disability advocates Alice Evans and Lucy Wood announce the release of their upcoming disability, chronic illness, and health podcast: lABLEd – the Podcast. Launching on January 7th, the show aims to put the power of definition back in the hands of those typically pigeonholed and targeted by societal labelling.

Drawing on their own experiences of disability, co-hosts Alice and Lucy offer a refreshingly personal honest, funny and occasionally dark insight into disability and difference. Whether it’s the truth behind guide dog ownership or the secret power of being the only disabled person in the room, this new Podcast will aim to bring penetrative insights and promote informed conversations, whilst fostering community.

With contributions from a different guest each week, lABLEd will showcase the vast spectrum of life with health conditions and impairments, discussing how it shapes personal identities and opening up about the prejudices that disabled and chronically ill people face when you live with a label.

 After the initial launch, new episodes will arrive fortnightly. They will feature interviews and discussions with people from across the disability and chronic illness community including campaigners, veterans, broadcasters, musicians  and many more. 

Speaking about the passion project, Alice said:

“This show has been in the pipeline for six months.  We made a conscious effort to work with disabled artists and designers to get things off the ground. The first four episodes are a testament to the continuous efforts and kindness of a small, diverse team, working in this medium for the first time. I am really proud of what we have achieved. Both Lucy and I believe will be a powerful piece of media.”

Lucy continues:

“As well as inviting guests on to the show, we also indulge in our mutual love of history. We are dedicating episodes to exploring the stories and representations of disability from the pages of both fiction and history. I can’t wait for people to hear the show and we are so grateful to our guests for talking to us, being so open and honest. It’s been captivating.”

With scheduled episodes dedicated to historical giants like Richard III, as well as series devoted to intersectionality, black disabled identity and many other aspects of health diversity, as well as contributions from academics; journalists; advocacy professionals and sports personalities, lABLEd promises to entertain those from across several disciplines. 

If you consider yourself to have a disability, chronic illness, neurodiversity or mental illness and would like to share your story and insight on life, or would like more information on lABLEd Podcast,  please email or visit 

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