lABLEd Podcast History Lesson 4: Lady Violet Aspey CBE

This show regularly covers very personal and sometimes controversial topics. As such, listeners may hear language, including profanity or terminology that they find offensive. Please be aware of this as you listen to this episode.

Several historical terms for disability are used in this episode, in reference context. these are now considered extremely offensive.

This Episode contains disscussion of Nazis some may find upsetting

About the Episode

Alice, Lucy and Disability Historian Daisy Holder discuss the life of Lady Violet Aspey CBE, left disabled after a hunting accident, after inheriting the Parliamentary seat in Bristol from her husband, she gave her maiden speech to parliament was given from her wheelchair in 1930

 Resources & Reference Points

The tale of Bristol’s fascist-sympathising, disability rights-promoting first woman MP, Bristol Cable, January 2020, Madge Dresser

The Women Who Built Bristol, Jane Duffus

Beatrice Wright and Violet Bathurst, Lady Apsley, UkVote100

The Elusive Lady Apsley, Bristol MShed, June 2016

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