lABLEd Podcast Episode 21: Armistice Day Special with Simon Weston CBE

This show regularly covers very personal and sometimes controversial topics. As such, listeners may hear language, including profanity or terminology that they find offensive. Please be aware of this as you listen to this episode.

About the Episode

Falklands War Veteran Simon Weston CBE joins Alice and Lucy.

In June 1982, Simon was aboard the Sir Galahad that was bombed during the conflict. Out of the 30 strong platoon, 22 men were killed, leaving Simon with 46% burns to his body and face and severely disfigured.In this enlightening episode, Simon discusses his accident, recovery and how his life experiences have shaped his outlook on life.

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Production Team

Hosts:  Alice Evans, Daisy Holder and Lucy Wood

Editor:  Adam Hull

Music: Maisy Crunden

Transcriptionist: Sarah Matthews

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